The BLIPE.IO platform is engineered to provide businesses worldwide with a single skill set environment to build business process automation solutions and to experiment with proof-of-concept decentralized applications built on a number of current and future enterprise-grade blockchain/DLT technologies including Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric, and Corda. No Coding Required. Through BLIPE.IO’s Software as a Service (SaaS) Platform, with its powerful drag-and-drop UIs, businesses everywhere can create and deploy smart-contracts, distributed apps (DApps), and public and private Blockchains with built-in RESTful API autocreation making integration simple. BLIPE.IO will enable enterprises easy access to this disruptive new technology without the need to commit large amounts of capital and tremendously time-consuming software development obligations. BLIPE.IO will enable the mass adoption of blockchain technology which will transform the next decades of business.

Alaa: A SaaS-Based Drag-And-Drop GUI

Alaa is built leveraging BLIPE.IO’s modular framework as a SaaS offering that presents users with quick cloud deployment capabilities. Our Drag-and-Drop GUI enables customers to select the blockchain, industry and business use cases to deploy new DApps, smart contracts and public and private blockchains without worrying about diving in the code. With Alaa you can:

  • Find solution-templates for your business-specific needs.
  • Use a simple drag-and-drop GUI to customize and modify template parameters.
  • Import or export templates to and from your VS Code projects.
  • Deploy blockchains and solution templates with one click on the cloud.
  • Run multiple full-nodes for public blockchains.
  • Use Alaa’s GUI tools for interacting and monitoring of deployed chains.


Multichain Development Framework

A SaaS-based environment for the development of blockchain-oriented decentralized apps using Haxe multi-blockchain development and shared libraries.

Template Customization

Provides drag and drop customization of details and deployment of decentralized applications.

Blockchain Development Workflow Support

Used for testing, debugging, transaction testing for smart contracts, unit testing, and network simulation traffic.

DApp and Blockchain Management

Provides a user with the ability to manage his all current projects, applications underdevelopment, and deployment details through one platform.



Home for your deployed DApps. Get all the details about your projects, cloud resources, storage, and IOPS data from one dashboard.


An easy to use wizard to initialize your new decentralized applications. No coding required.


After you select a template, you can customize it to your specific needs. Easy.


Review the details and deploy your very own DApps.


Review details of your new and past deployments from one location.

Project Roadmap

Q1 – 2017

  • Initial Formation of Team and Beginning of Technical Research..

Q2 – 2017

  • Additional Talent Recruitment for Blipe’s key position.

Q3 - 2017

  • Beginning of Community Design.

Q4 - 2017

  • Begin SaaS Product Design and Development.

Q1 - 2018

  • Begin Haxe Cross-Compiler Development for GoLang, Solidity, Kotlin.
  • Begin Core Platform Development
  • Begin First IDE Integration – VS Code
  • Release Whitepaper 1.0

Q2 - 2018

  • Begin Establishment of Partnerships with Businesses, focusing on USA and Asian Markets

Q3 - 2018

  • Release IDE Install Package – VS Code
  • Release Core Platform Beta
  • Release Haxe cross-compiler for GoLang, Kotlin.

Q4 - 2018

  • Release SaaS Platform Beta.
  • Begin Full Scale Marketing Campaign, focusing on USA and Asian Markets.
  • Release full IDE integration and Multi-Chain Libraries.
  • Release Multi-Blockchain Development Community Integrations.

Q1 - 2019

  • Release Haxe cross-compiler for Solidity.
  • Begin Development of the Oracle Consensus Network and Distributed Storage Gateway.

Q2 - 2019

  • Release Core Platform.
  • Release SaaS Platform.

Meet Our Team

David is a Software Engineer with an entrepreneurial spirit. He has more than six years of full stack development experience designing and implementing software systems using a wide array of technologies such as PHP, Java, and ASP.NET. He has co-founded paintmypics.com, which was bootstrapped with $2,500 capital to a profitable venture in just seven months. He has also operated his own software consultancy firm and was employed by Zachary Group,one of America’s premier industrial engineering and construction companies as a software developer.

David Tunnell

Founder and CEO

Don is a well established professional real estate developer, with the purchase, entitlement, and sale of more than 16,000 single family residential lots in Southern California as the founder and managing member of Spectrum Communities LLC. He has participated in multiple venture capital investments. He is a past board member and co-sponsor since inception of the charitable organization Challenge Aspen, which grew from grassroots to an international organization.

Don Clurman

Lead Investor and Advisor

Miguel has defined his entire executive career by being high energy, fiscally conscious, and goal oriented. He approaches each new business challenge with his intrinsic flair for innovation, creative problem-solving, and measured risk-taking to drive consistent bottom-line improvements and shareholder returns. With a successful $15 million startup exit under his belt and years of experience with top financial firms, Miguel is looking forward to leading BLIPE.IO’s fund-raising endeavors.

Miguel Ileto Carlos

Financial Executive

Hassam has a deep background in Engineering and Computer Science. He is a multipotentialite, with experience in public relations, product design, white paper authoring, academic research in computer networks, marketing, programming, technical writing, teaching, and network operations. Currently, he is the Chief Creative Officer (CCO) at BlisFix, a startup focused on a SaaS- based multi-tenant application for healthcare professionals. Prior to that, he has worked in the fields of mobile application development and research for many years.

Hassam Mahmood

Lead Product Designer

Zaid is interested in computer networks, network security, operating systems, computer graphics, 3D computer modeling, computesr vision, and loves programming, robotics, and blockchains. He is currently working as a professor; primarily teaching undergraduates to solve real-world problems with code. He has also worked as a consultant on multiple blockchain projects. He has hands-on experience developing for the web, mobile, data networks, operating systems, and blockchain technologies.

Zaid Munir

Blockchain Researcher

Mudaser is a serial entrepreneur, a SaaS and blockchain specialist with extensive experience creating ICOs. He has also helped found several start-ups. Currently, he is the CEO of Blockchain Expert Solutions, a blockchain innovation company, offering blockchain consulting and development services for blockchain applications of startups in the FinTech, Healthcare, Insurance, Energy and Banking sectors. Prior to BES, he co-founded BlisFix, a SaaS-based multi-tenant application for healthcare professionals.

Mudaser Iqbal

Technical Lead

Olya has 10 years of diverse industry experience focusing on delivering web, desktop, and mobile products. She has a strong background in software quality assurance and has worked for several software companies in Ukraine as a QA Engineer early in her career. She has also worked as a Product Manager for Adoriasoft, a Ukraine-based custom software development company for six years where she was responsible for the coordinated management of more than 10 software products.

Olya Kolomoets

Product Manager

Yumna is a software engineer and specializes in blockchain and decentralized app development, information security and backend systems. She has more than four years of experience in the research and development of software products for startups based on blockchain technology as an independent consultant. This includes experience on different blockchain platforms such as Bitcoin, Dash, Hyperledger, Ethereum, and IPFS. She also has significant experience with different low-level programming including golang and C++.

Yumna Ghazi

Blockchain and Security Lead

Hamzah brings extensive knowledge and experience in business analysis and project management for BLIPE.IO. He has been employed as a specialist working on different web & mobile-based app projects over the last six years as a Product/Project Manager and Business Analyst. In his early career, he has worked for several prominent technology companies worldwide such as Techverx and DevBatch in Pakistan, Fita Ventures Ltd. in the UK and Skylark Inc. in the USA.

Hamzah Khalid

Project Manager

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